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Real Estate & Construction

For centuries in the history of Mankind, one of the main basic demands of a Man always remained having a shelter. In modern world, with increasing prosperity of a significant cluster of society, this need is becoming more and more vital, so the demand for inhabited and commercial real estate construction not only remains big, but also does show a steadily growing trend.

Now, after some recession in 2008-2009, we can see a rapid rise in construction and real estate markets. This is connected with the change of investors/owners in investment and construction companies and developers structures, with active development of many projects put on hold before, and with new projects start-up. The decision on double extension of Moscow City also gives developers most optimistic perspectives of this market development.

In connection with this positive dynamics, the need for creating new professional teams also grows, and Staff Solution gladly takes this challenge. Using our rich candidates database in Construction and Real Estate markets, and also having a wide range of business and personal connections in this area, we successfully satisfy our clients personnel needs in this industry. Only recently, we successfully completed projects of different level and complexity, from Project Manager to General Director of a developer company.